Fortune Auto Limited Edition HONDA S2000

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Part #: FA-550-S2K
Notes: Limited Edition
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Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
2000 - 2009 S2000 ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL

Product Description

A THMotorsports EXCLUSIVE – Fortune Auto 550

*Extended Warranty: 2 years internals / 5 years external. Much longer than competitors in the market. When you build coilovers with high quality control and materials, you get what you pay for!

*Revised and Tested Valving: We have revised the spring rates and matched the valving to these spring rates for a nice mix of street driven daily driver and occasional track use.

*Shock Dyno’d before leaving the factory: Every shock is hand assembled and shock dyno’d before it leaves the factory in VA. This is a nice way to confirm every shock is to the exact specification and isn’t built in Taiwan, put on a container vessel for months at a time and then lands at your front door.

*Amsoil Authentic Oil Used: AMSOIL USA oil is used in every shock to ensure that every shock operates the same exact way in hot and cold. Plus this oil is from one of the best oil manufacture’s in the country.

*Assembled by hand in the USA! Right in Virginia: Nothing better than one guy who takes the time to build and certify each and every shock at 45min to 60min each shock! It’s a lengthy process but ensures quality craftsmanship in the good ol’ VA, USA.

*All shocks are dyno matched before they leave the factory: Going back to the shock dyno, the shock can not be more than a 1% difference from the other. If not, they take it all back apart and start over!

*Spring rates that actually match the weight of the vehicle and not random rates: We have gone though rigorous testing of different spring rates and valving types to make certain this is going to work with the mean average weight of your chassis with respect to it’s driving style. Countless hours were spent to correctly identify the correct spring rate for you.

*Shocks actually perform as they should over the years, they dont diverge as they get older: What can happen over time with other coilovers is that they can change over time. Valving wears down. Seals wear down. Pistons wear down. Oil viscosity doesn’t stay the same and wears out. Fortune Auto coilovers perform the same with YEARS to come. We have seen roughed up FA coilovers used to their fullest potential for years, but them back on the shock dyno and they are STILL perform next to good as new.

*Fully rebuild-able and serviceable in the good ol’ USA: Yes! No need to send them back to Taiwan or outside the country. Send them back to Virginia and the same patience taken to build them from brand new, the used shocks will be catered to in the same way. Fortune Auto doesn’t just send you a replacement shock with a random wide range of valving and hope for the best. They re-match and re-calibrate the shock to the spring, good as new!

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