1. 2003Launched our first store: truehonda.com
  2. 2005Launched THMotorsports to feature and support all cars
  3. 2006Moved into our bigger facility to stock product and ship faster
  4. 2007Again, we outgrew our facility and moved into a bigger warehouse
  5. 2008Featured on over 25 forums, supporting them with real service.
  6. 2009Began Building our Time Attack Monster Subaru STI
  7. 2010Built our first Pro Racing team to compete in Redline Time Attack
  8. 2011Featured on NBC Sports/SpeedTV show Circuit Battles
  9. 2012Recognized as Top 20 Automotive Retailer Online
  10. 201310 year anniversary and awarded Inc500/5000 Company Award
  11. 2014For the 2nd time, received Inc500/5000 Company Award
  12. 20153rd Year in a row Inc5000 Award
  13. 2016Over 500,000 Happy Customers Served & 4th Time Inc5000 Award
  14. 2017Moved HQ to Downtown Chicago. Grew International Sales. 1 Million Happy Customers and Growing!

Edward Lichstein

President & Founder

I love working at THMotorsports because...

I founded this company and fell in love with helping people be active in their hobbies. Many businesses take care of needs people have, but little get to enjoy creating a company of enthusiasts that love their parts, not just require them.

If I were at any race track right now, it would be...

Nurburgring. Having attended the 24 hour race in 2008, I always look forward to the day I will have my hand at the track. For now, Mid Ohio will do me just fine.

I can’t turn the TV off if...

TopGear is on, no way.


Quality Assurance

My first car was…

much civic

I love working at THMotorsports because...

so people

I want to be known for…

very wow

Luke Pawlik

Sales & Marketing Rep

If I were at any race track right now, it would be…

Circuit de Monaco would be a dream come true. But I guess I could settle for Laguna Seca :)

Three things my car needs to have…

Awesome brakes, Great tires and, AWD in the winter lol

My first car was…

700hp Turbo GSR in Milano red

Eric Dewitt

Sales & Marketing Rep

My dream car is… because….

Ford RS200. There has never been a more pure expression of a purpose built rally car than this monster.

I love working at THMotorsports because...

I get to spend all day talking to people about going fast and being awesome in their cars? That's "work" I guess lol.

One thing nobody knows about me…

I have a closet obsession for the VW Corrado. I've owned 3 (2 G60s and an SLC) and would love to own another if I got the right deal :)

Dave Koza

Shipping Manager

My dream car is...

Mercedes Benz 190E Evolutin 2. It’s everything you could want out of a car; impeccable style and power!

I love working at THMotorsports because...

I’m surrounded by friends who all share the same passion for motor sports.

Three things I cant live without...

Cars, Coffee and Friends.

Anil Sethi

Staff Accountant

I want to be remembered as...

Internetaholic. Zombie advocate. Total twitter fanatic. Hipster-friendly pop culture ninja.

Quinn Calahan

Head Accountant

Sikhander H.

Staff Accountant

Nick Sarris

Information Technology

My dream car is...

1970 Chevy Chevelle SS with a 396 and the Hydro 350 trans

I love working at THMotorsports because...

I get to work with the latest and greatest technology and help our customers find the perfect part for their cars.

Aaron Thompson

Logistics Department/Customer Service

My dream car is...

the 1966 Ford Mustang Viper Red because my Dad used to owned one when I was a child and ever since then I wanted one myself.

I love working at THMotorsports because...

our Team is great and is like my extended Family. Great bunch of guys!

Three things I cant live without...

is My son, music, and the ladies because we all came from a woman.

Michael Novelo

Customer Service/Return Personnel

My dream car is...

the 1957 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, because it is a sexy classic. Plus, who doesn't like lifting doors...

I love working at THMotorsports because...

It offers a lot of flexibility and it is super relaxing. Plus a boss you can talk directly to hahaha.

Three things I cant live without...

is my PC, food and the great O2.

William Xioa

Sales & Marketing Rep

My current car is a Honda S2000

3 things my car needs to have: I can do you one better, it needs to have 4 tires.

My favorite mods I have ever done: Throw on some decent brakes and tires and seat time!

Justyn Bell

Sales & Marketing Rep

My current car is a E30 MTech 2

Complete and updated suspension (coilovers, sway & strut bars, control arms, all bushings, etc), Forged internals/turbo and intercooler set up and slotted rotors with grade A brake pads.

There are a few that I have enjoyed. Full S14 teardown and rebuild, S54 swap with 6 speed Getrag in a 2002, and fully rebuild and properly boosted 3SGTE 2nd Gen MR2 for track days.

Dan Uchitel

Warehouse Manager

My dream car is...

a red/blk Lamborghini Veneno

3 Things my car needs to have is HEAT, A/C, and unlimited amounts of gas.

I love working at THMotorsports because the team becomes your family.

Stanley Wilhelm


My Current Car a Tesla Model X

3 Things my car needs to have: Baby Seats, Falcon Doors, Ability to be parked in shopping mall spots.

My favorite mods done: Having Elon Musk fix my falcon doors. No more hitting shopping carts at the mall.

A Message from Edward Lichstein, Founder of THMotorsports

In 2003, an idea of launching a performance parts store by a young man came to reality. Being in a new car market where there was little support, it was quickly realized that someone had to do something. After being a customer from so many local shops, online stores, I started to see the flaws in their doings. Service was not how I liked, the parts were good, but not really tailored toward me, but more sold because it was what was available. So I thought, why not have the parts people want, the service thats deserved, and leave everyone with a smile on their face.

That idea spawned what is now THMotorsports. A very diverse, yet still performance oriented superstore. Over the years, our strategy has changed to always keep operating efficiency at its best. We have the technology of the Amazon’s of the world, to deliver products with super fast efficiency, yet have a staff of car nerds who know every 2jz, B18, 4G63, LS1 and more. Each year we get better and better at what we do and it shows through our reviews and how our name has grown to be household.

Our biggest pride is not the what, but the who. Each person here is devoted. A true part of the company, living breathing. We love to hear the good, and we all get upset when something bad happens - but its a team effort to improve. So many places are just about turning a buck, but us Midwest Chicago Boys and Girls are about delivering passion in each box. Without all of us, there would be no THMotorsports, or maybe there would be another faceless company that believes in a get-in-get-out ideal. Its now our 10th year in business, and its been a journey, one that I can say I am most proud of.

So join us, be a part of our legacy and company. When you buy from us, you don’t just buy a part, you join a family. And we are a 100,000+ strong now!

To the next 10 years,

Edward L.
Founder & President